Daily Drool: In Bed With Harry Styles

WARNING! Do not scroll down to the following picture of Harry Styles if you have a heart condition and/or are prone to seizures when confronted with pictures of extreme adorableness.




I don’t even care that he has two sets of nipples–right now I’m uber-smitten with Harry Styles who looks sleepy and cuddly and sexy all at the same time in this promo pic from One Direction’s upcoming 3D movie.



  1. lizzy Said:

    uhh heez sooooo gorgeous,,, wished i wzz there

  2. lina Said:

    i’ve always dreamed to be in bed with harry styles ,but this girl is sooo lucky

  3. Emma Said:

    So cuuuuteee

  4. q0nytha Said:

    harry, looks very sweet …
    I really loved “HARRY”

  5. Didi Said:

    Dear GG,
    Im about to die!!!!
    Ps in sorry that im so late. i was grounded.

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