Daily Drool: Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

The moment is finally here for 100 million Fifty Shades of Grey¬†readers (99 million of whom will deny they ever read it): the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer! Say what you will about the book as soft core porn for soccer mom book club, but Jamie Dornan AKA Christian Grey throwing shirtless smoldering looks at the camera set to a score of a sexed up version of Beyonc√©’s “Crazy in Love” is worth the watch.

Even I needed a moment after that! Someone has been caring for his abs!

While Jamie Dornan smolders, Dakota Johnson is looking even less than whatever-ish in this clip. Those bangs with that ponytail with that outfit? Hot frumpy mess. Lucy Hale would have been so much cuter. I guess that’s the point, but dolls I truly hate the point. I just cannot support any form of media perpetuating the message that ponytailed Plain Janes can hold the attention of model-looking billionaire CEOs.

But…Jamie Dornan’s abs!

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

While I can’t support the message, I’d like to keep staring at the messenger as I replay the trailer a few more times. I suppose I’ll make my way to the premiere in February, as long as the after party is somewhere respectable.

What do you think of the trailer, loves? Will you be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey when it comes out on Valentine’s Day?


  1. em Said:

    YEAHHH :)

  2. Martha Said:

    Finally a trailer :) I can’t wait for the movie.

  3. gossip girl Said:

    ugh hes so cute

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