Daily Drool: Justin Bieber Bares His Bod

Warning: due to the overly sexy nature of these images, any of you who are particularly susceptible to Bieber fever should avert your eyes. I got my hot little hands on a few screencaps of Justin Bieber sans shirt from his new documentary All Around the World.

True, he’s no Chris Hemsworth in the torso department, but tell me Beliebers, does JB’s boyish bod still send you into a tizzy of adolescent lust?

justin bieber shirtless


justin bieber shirtless



  1. jlsvendsen Said:

    SHUDDERS….. that’s almost like walking in on your little sister when she’s changing! EWWWWW!

  2. mistere354896 Said:

    and just like a little sister, he has no armpit hair!! ahahh pathetic

  3. cyndel Said:

    Dats sooooooo not tight

  4. Jonathon Said:

    WOW! he has as much body hair as my 7 year old cousin! His chest and pits are as smooth as butter! How sad

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