Daily Drool: Kellan Lutz

The walking streak of sex that is Kellan Lutz has once again been let loose upon the world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled, minions. Check out how unbelievably flawless he looked at last night’s screening of The Legend of Hercules:

kellan lutz


I DIE. The suit, the smile, the swagger–I just can’t quite stand it! I will never understand why Kel hasn’t become a bigger star, to me he’s the whole package. OK fine perhaps he isn’t exactly the best actor on the planet, but looking at that face, do you really care?

Speaking of Kellan, he recently denied rumors that he was dating Miley Cyrus, but I did spy him on vacation with another brunette you may not have anticipated: Michelle Rodriguez.

“Wait, her?” you’re probably exclaiming. Yes minions, her, that sort of masculine girl from Fast & Furious–not that Miley is the picture of femininity these days, but still.

michelle rodriguez


My South American spies placed them in Grenada together celebrating the new year, but reports are hazy on whether or not they looked like more than friends. I’ve always heard whispers that Michelle wasn’t, shall we say, straight as an arrow, and she doesn’t exactly deny it herself:

“I’ve gone both ways,” she has said. “I do as I please. I am too f—ing curious to sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks.”

My, what a charming young lady. So darlings, do you think MR found KL intriguing? Or do you think they did more arm wrestling than tongue wrestling?




  1. Yourrude Said:

    Lol your criticizing her for exploring her sexuality and acknowledging that people can’t be labelled when it comes to sexuality.. Sexuality is fluid. Sounds like an intelligent girl. You could learn something from her.

  2. BerlinGirl Said:

    His tie is stuck into his pants. Doesn’t look that swagger to me.

  3. Niiiii Said:

    Hahaaa i love her, she has a really cool personality

  4. rly? Said:

    ugh ikr, Berlingirl.

    No swag in that guy!


  5. Milli Said:

    ok…he is just – oh so NOT good looking,sorry girl. and can you P-liz stop it with the Miley shat…who cares about her? if you ask me,she could make porn,full frontal,and i would not give a damn.

  6. Cami Golub Said:

    Wasn’t she gay? I read that somewhere I think.

  7. Cassandra Said:

    She was just photographed at a basket ball game with a Victoria secret model and they were all over each other in the pictures. Highly doubt her and Kellan are serous.

  8. Andra Said:

    Can you please stop using the word “swag”,it makes me want to vomit.

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