Daily Drool: Meet the Hottest Man in Britain

Ed Westwick? Max Irons? Prince William? Alas, none of these super sexy English gents was voted Britian’s Best Looking Man–instead the title went to racecar driver Jenson Button. The handsome speed freak took the top spot while, weirdly, Colin Firth came in right behind him. Clearly, the ladies across the pond need to get more familiar with their own impeccable exports! Take a peek at JB and tell me if he’s the best thing to come out of England since the Queen’s crown jewels…

Photo credit: Splash News


  1. Poppica Said:

    i mean..he’s alright..
    Apple giving free iPad 2’s becuz of a defect on 10,000 laptops… http://goo.gl/8OeJ8 4 next 24 hours only..shit i got 2..lol

  2. Sarah Wee Said:

    no…just no.

  3. H Said:

    Ed Westwick is SO much better.

  4. stephanie Said:


  5. Trizzle Said:


    there must be something in the water that makes their boy-radars go awfully wrong!
    Ed Westwick is soooooo much hotter!
    Who is this caveman meets surfer dude?

  6. J Said:

    Ed. Definitely.

  7. Dameian Said:

    um no. MAX IRONS or ROB PATZ should have taken the crown…

  8. Mark Said:

    Almost every UK TV show I’ve watched has men in it that are much more attractive than these people.

  9. Isobel (UK) Said:

    You’re all morons. Jenson’s beautiful, this is just a bad 5 year old photo

  10. Mrs.Button Said:

    I agree with you Isobel!!!! Jensen is beautiful!!!
    And this is a god awful picture!!!!

    You are speaking to the Future Mrs J. Button

  11. JOJO Said:

    i mean, he’s not ugly or anything, and maybe this is just a bad picture..
    but he can’t really be the best looking guy there.

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  13. Vicx Said:

    *sigh* You ladies know nothing. Jensen is the fastest thing on 4 wheels. He has the WHOLE package – humour, intelligence, bucket loads of money, and decent looks too. Who wants a pretty boy who can’t tie his own shoelaces when there’s someone like Jensen around???

  14. Jessica Said:

    Must be a british thing but we ALL find him gorgeous! He was in my town last week but stupid school meant I missed him :'(

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