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We’ve heard your pleas and cries every week. The conversation continues on Twitter, on Facebook, at the lunch table, with your friends. Everyone has their opinion. That’s why we asked two very passionate Gossip Girl shippers to debate Chair vs. Dair! Check out @DaredtoDair tweeter Alexandra’s two cents on why Dan and Blair are meant to be together (and find the link to the Chair rebuttal below!) Read the posts and be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of each article to say who you’d rather see Blair with.

Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey in Airport

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Dan and Blair are intellectual equals. They are easily the most cultured characters in the show. I quote Blair, “Dan and I have a real connection.” A connection that in the last two episodes was proven to go beyond a friendship — a friendship that no one thought could come to exist. That friendship brought out the real Blair that hides under the ice queen façade, the Blair that debates, reads, goes to art exhibits, etc.

Blair makes Dan a better man. She helps him expand his narrow mind. They bring out the best in each other. Blair is happier, lighter. I quote one of the show’s executive producers, Sara Goodman, “They feel really great together.” Some of the actors ship them. Leighton Meester said, “I think they are good for each other in a lot of ways, in a way that Chuck and Blair aren’t.” Penn Badgley said, “I think Blair is Dan’s soul mate.” Ed Westwick, when asked who loves Blair more, he pointed to Penn and answered, “Definitely him.”

People say that home is not a place, but a person. Dan is Blair’s home. She trusts him. He brings comfort to her. He’s her shoulder to lean on. He’s there for her always. She can talk to him about anything; she can come to him for anything. She comes to him in her most vulnerable moments. He suggested a kiss because he wanted it. She told Chuck that she would kiss someone one day and she would do it for her. She kissed Dan because she wanted it and he didn’t force the kiss because he would never do anything to her that she didn’t want.

He stepped out because she said she wanted Chuck. He kept his feelings to himself. He sacrificed his happiness for hers many times. He waited. He reunited Chuck and Blair because it made her happy. He cherished all the moments with her because he would rather have a piece than have nothing. He kissed her on Valentine’s Day because he decided that she could be happy with him, and she kissed him back because she wanted to. She went against all odds and tried to show they were only friends because she was insecure.

Inside showed Blair that Dan cared since the beginning. She decided to admit her feelings and take a risk, which was worth it. She has it all in her grasp: A love that is pure and simple; no games or lies, just love… a love with Dan Humphrey who loves her for who she is, not in spite of her flaws but because of them; something she never thought possible yet she has it at the palm of her dainty hand.

At the beginning, Dan said that Blair was everything he hated about the Upper East Side distilled into one 95-pound, doe-eyed, bon mot tossing, and label-whoring package of girly evil. That was five years ago. They both grew up. He learned to look past that. She learned to grow up and accept him. She said that his vows peered into her soul. She brought out a side of him that he never thought existed. Before her, he did not truly know how to live, and because of that, Dan and Blair are one true pairing.

Read the rebuttal by the Chair shipper here!

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[Editor’s Note: At 100,000 votes, Dair was in the lead! Don’t miss the rest of season 5 starting April 2, 2012 to see what happens!]

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  1. Philippe Said:

    But Dan makes blair weak and with no personality.
    After all, now that Blair is with Dan, she became a weakness person ever, she has no personalty. She has the biggest love for Chuck, and after one day she falls in love with Dan, and Dan let it happened even knowing that the best was to Blair to stay with Chuck, that’s what everyone said at the wedding, he is just too selfish, Dan became everything he hated and jugded just to be with Blair? And all the awful things Blair did to Jenny and Dan, he forgot everything? I mean, thats so much wrong, theres no way she shoud be with him, its totally wrong, theres no joy watching gossip girl anymore. What about the characters growing up? Like I said, Blair is just weak, she let other people make bad things to her and she doesnt do anything, that is not the Blair we used to see and I dont think when someone grown up they become with no personality. What about Serena and Blair fighting for the same man again?

  2. Mars4 Said:

    In real life, the only couple that makes sense is Dan and Blair. Dan is the center of Blair and makes you happy, so she always tried in all its crises, it gives you security.

    Dan is a good guy, and at the side of Blair is less critical and more sweet.

    This couple is complete in every way, are beautiful, intelligent, happy when they are together, they know kiss fantastically and has a lot of chemistry.

    It’s lovely to see them together and for them I (+ several friends) went back to see Gossip Girl.

    The Gossip Girl writers are very creative, intuitive and smart to follow this line of reasoning, then, simply follow the timeline to see several tips on DAIR were given throughout the show (five years).

    Congratulations writers of Gossip Girl. You are amazing.

  3. Kaat Said:

    Blair belongs to Chuck. They love each other, and they will for ever. They fought for each other, a million times. And that means a lot.

  4. Alexandra Said:

    I can’t believe someone with my name ships Dair.I can’t believe somebody ships Dair.

  5. Sophia Anne Said:

    I miss gossip girl so much. I’m kinda late on this discussion but oh well. Lol. Anyways, everyone knows Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck are soulmates. Ever since Victor/Victrola. They went through so much and despite everything that happened, all the hurt and lies, they never stopped loving each other. There was so much love, compassion, spark, and connection between them. Chuck made Blair happier than she ever was, despite it all. I think that Dan was just a phase for her.

  6. Sophia Anne Said:

    The show wouldn’t have been right in the end if Chuck and Blair didn’t get their happy ending and we all know it. (Especially for Serena’s sake) Dan and Blair did have a real connection, but nothing beyond friends. Serena and Dan were meant to be. Even the writers knew Chuck and Blair were going to get their happy ending, we all knew it. Chuck and Blair were soul mates.

  7. Lilly Johnson Said:

    Chuck and Blair know each other like no one else does. They were always connected in a way that no one else could be for either of them. No one is better for Blair than Chuck is. They are strong and powerful together. Everyone knows they are meant to be. We they are together they are invincible. They are the power couple of Gossip Girl. Long live Chuck and Blair.

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