Spoiler! What’s Going to Happen With Dan and Blair?

Spoiler Alert! Do not read the below post if you don’t want to be spoiled!


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All you Dair fans out there can start getting excited! Perez Hilton is reporting on some newly surfaced spoilers saying that Dan Humphrey’s feelings for Blair will finally be exposed in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.

We hear that Blair is going to uncover some amazingly sweet wedding vows from Louis, except they were written by Dan! Will Gossip Girl break the news to the Upper East Side first? Probs. Will Blair not marry Louis because of it? We’ll see!

Do you like Blair and Dan together or are you rooting for her and Chuck? Which guy do you think should win her heart?

If Blair leaves Louis at the alter, who's arms should she run into?

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  1. cecilia isles Said:

    omg! as in :))

  2. Pattt Said:

    Chuck, no doubt!!!!! I’m sorry but Dan’s just a poor loser who doesn’t deserve Blair…. Chuck is just amazing: sexy, now’s a good person and wants the best for Blair… no doubt!!

  3. Giulia Said:


  4. Daniela Said:

    Blair and Chuck! They`re perfection. OH, I LOVE THEM♥

  5. B Said:

    CHAIR FOREVER!!!! 

  6. bettyboop89 Said:

    Chuck, Chuck, Chuck!!!

  7. hunnybee Said:

    Blair and Dan. Opposites attract and there is a definite chemistry between them.

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