Love or Loathe: Dakota Fanning at the Night Moves Premiere

Spotted: Dakota Fanning at the premiere of her new film with Jesse Eisenberg, Night Moves, at the Toronto Film Festival. And, you may be shocked at this darlings, but despite this Atelier Versace ensemble baring her belly, I actually do not hate her outfit! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS!


Given DF’s tender age, a full gown would’ve been too grown up and gaudy, but the two-piece look keeps it fun and fresh. But, that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to declare this an OMFGorgeous just yet. Dak is missing some crucial accessories that would’ve balanced the look a bit more, and her hair seems like something you wear to yoga–not the red carpet.

Where do you stand on her style? Love it to death? Or does DF desperately need a one way ticket to Fashion Week?

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  1. SpaghettiSNARFLER Said:

    I actually kind of like it. Can’t see her shoes though…

  2. Emily Michelle Said:

    Oh god I am SO not a fan! I’m sorry she’s so pretty and I feel like this outfit masks her beauty in a lot of black fabric. Her hair? Please Dakota love your acting but not feeling it with this look.

  3. OMFG Said:

    She would’ve looked so much better if she had some red rouge on. :)

  4. Maria Said:

    I think, if her hair was done differently with a brighter lipstick this would have been a for sure OMFGorgeous moment.

  5. Vicky Said:

    I’m actually surprised that you didn’t dish this outfit. I’ve seen you dislike some outfits that were way prettier than this! It absolutely hideous, its not material for a premiere or a festival!And her hair is like, she didn’t even try! What was she thinking with this ?

  6. Nadia Said:

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous from head to toe!

  7. maria Said:

    she should have used smooth hair just to fall down in her shoulders and less natural make up…

  8. Christi Said:

    She forgot to look in the mirror before she left. Oops!

  9. Jeffrey Said:

    Yes, she needs it desperately.

  10. Marci Said:

    Dress YES – hair – NO make-up- blah

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