Hot Mess: Dakota Fanning at Fashion Week

Originally I was going to make Dakota Fanning’s NYFW look at the Rodarte show a “love or loathe” but upon closer inspection, there was simply no way I could even pretend that her ensemble was anything other than a fashion travesty. Observe:

dakota fanning


I know, darlings, the shoes. The purposely mismatching shoes. Is she a rapper from the 90s? Even if the rest of her look had been flawless, the footwear situation still would’ve qualified her as a hot mess. But clearly, that wasn’t the case; her look is terrible from the unflattering color of the dress against her pale winter skin, to her “I bought this on the beach in Jamaica” necklace, to her old lady shawl.

Overall, this outfit needs to be buried underneath the blizzard ASAP. I spotted Dakota sitting front row next to Anna Wintour, who hopefully gave her a serious scolding. But tell me minions, is any part of this look working on poor misguided DF? Or does some wise fashionista need to take Dakota under her well-dressed wing?


  1. Adinda Said:

    I actually kinda love the skirt. But yes, the rest is just hideous. She definitely need some stylist

  2. A Said:

    i’m sorry but she looks awful. first, her hair is yellow, her make up is down right wrong and her outfit sucks…

  3. Ann Said:


  4. Mia Said:

    Lol…”her hair is yellow” you do realise its easy to sit in front of a computer and sprout vile things about people. How about you post your picture, because I can tell that you have issues with how you look. She’s a gorgeous girl with an amazing career, just because her outfit is a little off doesn’t mean you need to attack her.

    get a life

    P.s. good luck with your poor self- confidence

  5. lehen Said:

    She looks good to me.

  6. nina Said:

    yes, she could use a little help, but she still has a gorgeous face so she will be just fine :-)

  7. ianamary Said:

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  8. Madi Said:

    Honestly, the shoes are atrocious but the rest of the outfit is on point. I still love her though.

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