Poll: Should Dan Have Chosen Rome Over Blair?

Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl Raiders of the Lost Art

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In “Raiders of the Lost Art,” Dan Humphrey was invited to Rome for the summer to hang out with prestigious authors and hopefully cure his writer’s block. But after following Blair and Chuck to the mansion where they were trying to uncover Diana’s secret, Dan decided to stay in New York City and work on his relationship.

In next week’s episode, “The Fugitives,” Blair finds out that Dan decided to stay in NYC to keep his eye out on her and Chuck. And she’s not too pleased about that.

Do you think that Dan should have gone to Rome, or did he make the right decision to stay and work on his relationship with B? Vote in the poll now! And tell us why you feel that way in a comment below.

Where do you think Dan should have decided to stay this summer?

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  1. deborah Said:

    of course dan have to go to rome, upper east side isn’t his place, he’s disturbing chair. everybody loves chuck and blair

  2. anouk Said:

    ROME, than can Chuck and Blair be together!

  3. Emmagossip Said:

    Rome !!! Blair and Chuck need to get back together; And that is not possible with Dan is the way..

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