Love or Loathe: Daniel Radcliffe’s Hair Extensions

Spotted: Daniel Radcliffe showing off his new long locks this past weekend during an interview on the Graham Norton Show. Was it a botched hair-thickening spell? Was he inspired by his hair idol Professor Snape? Turns out, the Harry Potter star is just sporting the locks for his role as Igor in the upcoming flick Frankenstein.

DRad confessed the hair is totally natural, although it isn’t all his. “It’s from, I assume, a dead person or a person that donated their hair,” he said of the extensions. Daniel joins numerous other celebs in Hollywood who magically make their hair longer through the help of others’ cuts. And while I’ve seen many extensions gone right, I cannot get behind these.

What’s up with the grease? Just because you’re wearing someone else’s hair doesn’t mean you should neglect it. I’m also just not a fan of the length on him. I so prefer the clean-cut and preppy look that came with his shorter ‘do, don’t you dolls?

Should Daniel immediately go back to his regular cut the second filming ends, or do you kind of have a thing for Hairy Potter? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO




  1. Queen Ratchet Said:

    Gossip Girl, you spelt ‘hair extenstion’ wrong. Honey it’s extension, not extenstion. Honestly, get a better editor. Xoxo, you know you love Queen Ratchet!

  2. Lanna Said:

    It’s gross… that’s all there is to it lol

  3. Someone Said:

    He looks like a creep, that is obsessed with a girl and has a room full of pictures of her.

  4. Gossip Girl Said:

    You’re right! I should have caught my typo. Thanks for pointing it out. XOXO

  5. anonynous Said:

    Wow. Way to go from major British hottie to major British NOTTIE. Honestly Daniel. Take the pedo wig off and go back to your short and sexy self. We love you better that way. Xoxo

  6. ohlala Said:


  7. Evie Said:

    Are you all completely forgetting that it’s FOR A ROLE? It’s not like he woke up and said “how can I make myself look like a creep!” Igor is a creepy dude, the hair reflects that and Dan is just stuck with it while filming. I don’t even understand why this is gossip…

  8. C. Bass Said:

    DRad made a mistake with this new look, whether it was for a movie or not.

  9. julie Said:

    I like long hair on guys. Yes, he should keep it washed when not filming for igor.

  10. Barbie J Said:

    Dearest DRad, Long hair can be hot (ala Heath Ledger R.I.P), but do us a favor and wash it when you aren’t filming. XOXO J

  11. stella parallax Said:

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks this looks good on hi m then…?

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