First Look: Daniel Radcliffe’s New Romantic Comedy

He’s done fantasy, he’s done horror, he’s done (a few) brooding melodramas and now finally FINALLY Daniel Radcliffe is giving us what we want and starring in a romantic movie! For years I’ve longed to see him do more than just pine at some Hufflepuff from across the Great Hall, and at last, minions, that day has arrived!

DR has a new movie coming out called What If¬†about a disillusioned romantic who meets the girl of his dreams, Zoe Kazan–but she already has a BF, who of course is super lame. Sad face. So the movie raises the question, can girls and guys be just friends? Or does someone secretly always want more? Take a look…

Well clearly in my experience, guy pals¬†always want to go a step further, so I’m inclined to think that platonic relationships are pointless and a waste of time. I have people in my life I don’t sleep with–they’re called girlfriends.

But back to Daniel. As much as I adore him, this movie does seem to have all the markers of a totally cliche rom-com, from the douchey boyfriend to the run-after-her-before-she-leaves! to the slutty friend who tries to steal the guy for herself. Can DR save a done-to-death plotline and make it cool? Or will this flick be a flop?

Daniel Radcliffe Opening Night After Party for The Cripple of Inishmaan - Arrivals



  1. Kalyn Said:

    I don’t know whether or not it was on purpose or what, but the girl he crushed on was from Ravenclaw, not Hufflepuff.

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