Miracle’s Week: Dan’s Book Deal Success

Dan Humphrey

Photo Credit: The CW

This week, we’re taking a look at some of the miracles that have happened so far on this season of Gossip Girl, all in celebration of the release of one of our new favorite books, The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wonder. It’s #miraclesweek!

Today, we let’s examine the success that Dan has received with his new novel, Inside. What’s surprising and even miraculous about the popularity of his debut book is that it’s a huge hit right away. That’s right– an unknown Lonely Boy from Brooklyn is all of a sudden getting tweets from @katyperry saying that she loves Humphrey aaaaand, he’s even getting interest in a movie version of the story!

We love Dan and all, but there has to be some major help from up above to be helping him sell books, right? Tell us in a comment below if you think that Dan’s success is his own or a miracle. And check back tomorrow to see what our last miracle pick of the week is!

What do you think are the biggest Gossip Girl miracles on 2011?

Probability of MiraclesWendy Wunder’s debut novel, The Probability of Miracles, is on sale now.

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