First Look: Darren Criss & Jessica Szohr in A Great Big World’s Music Video!

Jessica Szohr is back on the Upper East Side, loves. Well, in a way. She and Glee actor Darren Criss are taking a pause from life on the small screen to star in the new video for A Great Big World, “Already Home.” The vid is a rather literal interpretation of the song, which centers around long distance lovers–Jess in NYC (obvs) and Darren in LA. Check it out and tell me if you buy these two as a star-crossed couple…

Tres sweet, no? It’s almost enough to melt my icy little heart. Almost. And that kiss! Love it, darlings. The only thing I’d change about this video is less of the actual band. I mean those pants and that hair. I can’t.

Would you have liked this video more had Jess been cast opposite Lonely Boy, or Darren with Kurt? Or do these two have a surprising amount of chemistry?

Jessica Szohr Premiere Of DreamWorks Pictures' "Need For Speed"


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  1. Z Said:

    I love it. The video, the song and these two. They have a really good on screen chemistry.

  2. G Said:

    WOW! Jessica & Darren do have great chemistry! I loved it.

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