LOLZ: Dave Franco uses Tinder with Conan O’Brien

Unless you and yours are in relationships so blissful that you’ve tuned out what’s going on in the rest of the world, you’ve at least heard of Tinder. If you and everyone you know is just so in love that it’s not on your radar, Tinder is the instant “dating” (read: hookup) app that pairs people together based on their attraction to one another. It’s also the root of a simply hilarious segment that Conan O’Brien aired last night with Dave Franco. The two bros set up fake Tinder accounts and went on the prowl.

“I’m a little nervous. It’s going to get weird,” the adorable Dave said before he and Conan started their experiment. It did, indeed, get weird. Take a look:

I applaud the fake names the gentlemen used: Chip Whitley and Djengis Roundstone. I always struggle with selecting just the right pseudonym when I want to fly under the radar (which is always).

I will say, as much as dating sites are (obviously) below me, I would “swipe right,” as the app says, for Djengis Roundstone AKA Dave Franco. He’s just so adorable that I could almost forgive the unromantic way that we had met and together weave a much more suitable meet cute.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tell me, dolls, what did you think of Dave and Conan’s Tinder adventure? Would you “swipe right” for Djengis Roundstone?


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