First Look: Degrassi’s Summer Season!

Maybe it’s those cute Canadian accents, maybe it’s just desperation for some new summertime programming, but I’ll admit that I tres j’adore “Degrassi.” If you are in agreement with me, then take a peek at the upcoming season 13 premiere, which debuts on July 11 on TeenNick.

Hm. When the previous Degrassi kids graduated, did they take all of the acting talent with them? I hope that all of the teenage drama makes up for what looks to be some pretty wooden dialogue. What can I say–not every clique can be as chic as Queen B and the other Upper East Sider’s, n’est ce pas?

Tell me if you’ll be tuning in to Degrassi’s new season or if you have another favorite soap clogging up your DVR…XOXO.

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  1. jessica Said:

    tres j’adore? your french is bullshit.

  2. Elena Said:

    I was going to say this too, Jessica. Plus, to be a good translation, don’t put “I” before “J’adore”. Please, if you want to speak french, speek it well.

  3. notlovingit Said:

    LOL you two are soo right! whoever wrote this really needs to learn how to speak like gossipgirl

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