Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Bikini Body

I am a fan of harsh honesty (just this morning I gifted one of my minions with a rhinoplasty consultation for her birthday, you’re welcome) and it’s for that reason that I adore Demi Lovato since she always keeps it real with her fans. No pretentiously perfect veneer (only I can pull that off) or downplaying of her problems and struggles.

demi lovato

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

So it was no surprise that DD didn’t mind showing off her bikini body to her army of Twitter followers…but what DID knock my socks off is how seriously sexy she’s looking! Observe:

demi lovato bikini body


My my my, D, aren’t we looking fine and foxy! Demi has made no secret of her weight woes and previous eating disorder, and has been hitting the gym and working on staying healthy. Obviously it’s paying off. So what exactly did D do to get in the best shape of her life? She explained on Twitter…



Hm. Seven days of talking about feelings and eating roots isn’t my idea of a good time, but if it’ll get me into my bikini, I’m willing to consider it.

And just in case some of you naysayers don’t believe D is telling us the whole truth about her newly slimline figure, trust me lambs, I am an expert at spotting Photoshop and I can tell you that this pic is the real deal.

Are you coveting her curves and willing to try her hippy-dippy method or does a “spiritual retreat” sound worse than any diet?


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