Love or Loathe: Demi Lovato’s New Blue Hair

When appearing on a late night show, most starlets would go out and pick up a new dress or pair of Loubs. Not Demi Lovato. The X-Factor judge opted for a brand new hair color: electric blue!

demi lovato blue hair

Demi Lovato Instagram

Hm. This looks like a DIY job to me, minions, and the only thing I think one should do oneself is plot revenge–certainly never color your own hair! But, I don’t totally hate the hue. DD has the dusky complexion to pull it off without looking washed out, but the trouble with such exotic shades is it’s nearly impossible for your locks to look sleek and shiny–they always have a slightly chalky, dull sheen.

Do you think Demi will go back to blonde (or brunette or red) ASAP or is she just getting started with the Kool-Aid shades?

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  1. Chloe Said:

    I don’t think they’ll last

  2. emily Said:

    looks super emo, especially with her outfit lol

  3. chaney Said:

    that looks awesome

  4. Brennalyn Said:

    I love it. I hope she continues with the crazy colors. Better than boring natural colors.

  5. Thoman Said:

    I wish she’ll back to the brunette one

  6. soph Said:

    Now is the time to try crazy hair colours.. better than being 50 and then like.. oh how about BLUE HAIR, never did that..

  7. Bc Said:

    She looks amazing!

  8. Carmen Said:

    its super emo

  9. Kelly K Said:

    I like it! She can pull it off really well!

  10. lisa Said:

    i like it ,

  11. Isabelle Said:

    It looks awesome!

  12. Ruthann Said:

    She looks horrible hope she goes back to brunette

  13. Christy Said:

    I feel bad that you have such limited exposure to hair dye that you think strange colors are always dull and chalky! My hair has been blue for 15 years (dying it myself) and it’s incredibly shiny. I rinse with cold water, which I’m sure as you know always makes hair a lot shinier. Often if bright hair is dull it’s because it’s not dyed often enough or it’s actually a temporary coating like hair chalk or pomade. Otherwise it’s just a normal semi-perm dye, which will act just as well as any other.

  14. Diamond Said:

    Well, I liked it a lot more when se had the pink dipdye, so much more classy..

  15. MISS BLAIR Said:

    i think she rocks! she is young, let her experiment while she can! imagination keeps you young. xoxo

  16. Jasmine Said:

    She looks utterly FABULOUS! I think it suits her and she totally pulls it off. GO DEMI

  17. Laila Said:

    it should look good on you thats what matters and it looks great on demi way to go girl

  18. Megan Said:

    I love it, it’s fun and edgy. Looks great on her!

  19. waydelich Said:

    How can blu be soon hot?

  20. waydelich Said:

    How can Blu be soon of hoootiiee?

  21. waydelich Said:

    I mean demi of course!

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