Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato Doesn’t Need Guys

“I have spent the last year focusing on myself and it’s been incredible. More has come out of the past year than in my entire career so far, and I truly believe it was because I was taking care of myself and not focusing on guys.”Demi Lovato told UK’s Cosmo On Campus that she used to devote all her time the boys in her life (*cough* Joe Jonas) because she was so scared of being alone. But now, she’s paying more attention to the person she loves the most: herself. Aww….

I’m actually really into Demi’s new attitude. Everyone knows a true It Girl exudes major confidence, and you can’t have that if you’re always worrying about a dude. Sometimes boy breaks are a good thing. Do you agree with Demi’s point of view or do you think a girl can still find herself while having a boyfriend?


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