Cute or Ew: Demi Lovato’s Crazy New Hair

Demi Lovato just declared that she was about to give her heart hair a break from the constant dye jobs, but then was all “Silver and purple hair, don’t care!” When my minion first alerted me to DD’s new color combo, it sounded perfect and utterly dreadful. Last time I checked, women want to rid themselves of stray greys, not increase them. (I mean, why not just go ahead and get cellulite added to your thighs while you’re at it?)

But I must admit, I do rather like the way it turned out. Observe:

demi lovato


Quite vibrant and lovely! But, I think she should stock up on the spray shine because I like it decidedly less when it’s dull, don’t you agree?

demi lovato


What’s your take on DL’s latest hair color? Super cute or a terrible trend for which Kelly Osbourne is squarely to blame?


  1. freya Said:

    Perfect wish I had this x

  2. lovatics Said:


  3. Ana Said:

    It’s ugly as hell!

  4. Jolenel Said:

    Haters Gona Hate – I love it and I’m a very big Fan of Demi, lyked the blue,pink and now the purple :) awesome!

  5. Patricia Said:

    She looks fat in this pic

  6. Patricia Said:

    Packing on the pounds! haha!

  7. Patricia Said:

    Demi took national donut day seriously

  8. Patricia Said:

    Actually, I thought it over for a while. I do like the hair. Haha?

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