Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato Disses Taylor & Harry!

“I don’t care about Taylor Swift’s love life. I don’t care about Harry Styles’ love life. I care about mine. I find it weird that people are so obsessed with other people’s love lives!”–Demi Lovato has some strong words for the Queen of Oversharing–and her ex-BFF–Taylor. Sorry DD but you might be the only one more interested in your dates over Taylor Swift’s.


Demi also took a swipe at her fair-weather friends:

“A couple of months before I went to rehab, I had a birthday party and there were a couple of hundred people there. It was full of people who I considered my closest friends. When I turned my phone on after being in rehab for three months, I expected lots of text messages and phone calls. I had four texts. That was a wake up call.”

Could she also be referring to T.Swizzle? Or do you believe that T would stand by her peeps?

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  1. me Said:

    I really don’t think she is talking about Taylor, first because they have never been that close. And second of all, Taylor is a good person. She wouldn’t just turn around.

  2. sami Said:

    they’re both self-centered. they’re both victimizing themselves–with swift and her exes, and lovato with her stint in rehab. there are more pressing matters in the world, but these two queens think everything revolves around them.

  3. Anna Said:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what she said. It speaks the truth to everyone’s lives and in fact, makes a great statement where there are no other businesses we need to care about but our own. So I don’t think they’re publicity stunts at all- I think we’re all just being judgmental of their lives because they’re celebrities but these are the same things we see amongst the noncelebrities around us.

  4. Hello Said:

    I don’t even think she’s dissing Taylor swift, she’s just saying she doesn’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with her love life. She doesn’t even say that Taylor is over sharing, she’s just saying she doesn’t get the hype.

  5. Courtney Said:

    That photo looks photo shopped…

  6. Vicky Said:

    I think that if everyone stopped talking crap and read a bit of news you would know that Taylor was one of the few who sent Demi flowers and messages when she got into rehab and when she left rehab. And, Demi later on said that she meant that people should start focusing on their lifes more instead of getting into other people’s bussiness.

  7. Cee Said:

    Has anyone seen what Demi said to Perez Hilton when he talked about this? She said that she loved Taylor, but didn’t know why people are so obsessed with other peoples lives. AND she’s right. Mind your own business.

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