Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Childhood Battle With Drugs

Mistakes. We all make them. But every mistake happens for a reason–to teach you a lesson you would otherwise never learn. And hopefully you’ll never make that mistake again… and maybe you can prevent others from doing it too.

Enter, Demi Lovato. Sure, she’s made a few bad hair color choices, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The Neon Lights singer is continuing to discuss her past struggles with drugs in hopes that she can change even one person’s life.

Demi Lovato


In a new interview with The Daily Mail’s You magazine, Dem reveals that her battle with drugs started when she was just 12 years old. Twelve. I had just started drinking cappuccinos at that age and thought I was hardcore…

After getting in a car crash and taking prescription pain killers, Demi became addicted. “I liked the feeling they gave me – they sort of numbed everything – and I also liked the sneakiness of taking extra pills out of my mom’s bag without her knowing,” she said.

“Everything skyrocketed, which was awesome, but the negative side was that I thought, ‘Right, I am working like an adult so I should be able to party like an adult,” Demi continued.

Because D was making so much money, when her parents would try to keep her from partying, she’d reply, “I pay the bills, so what are you going to do?”

“I was riding this wave of entitlement and superiority and they were in an impossible position because there’s no manual that explains how to deal with the sort of teenager I was.”

Finally Dem decided it was time to get help, and it’s nice to know that she has fully recovered and can talk about this all in the past tense now. Do you think D’s story will inspire others to avoid using drugs, or is all this talk about her struggles just cathartic for her in the long run?


  1. Alyssa Said:

    She’s such an inspiration. Props to her for opening up about this! <3

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