Demi Lovato Is Expected to Join Glee This Season!

Adam Lambert isn’t the only celeb expected to join the cast of Glee for Season 5. I hear that Demi Lovato will be working two jobs, supplementing her X-Factor gig with this new acting role that is expected to last at least six episodes!

My sources say Demi will play Rachel and Santana’s friend Dani who is a struggling artist in NYC. She’ll apparently have a lot of interaction and musical numbers with Adam Lambert’s character and will appear as early as the second episode.

I for one am excited about this news. As you know, I’m a big Demi fan, and the fact that she’s playing a girl with a dream in my city gives the whole situation extra points. How do you feel about this news? Are you into all of these new additions to the cast, or would you rather see someone else? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Laila Said:

    Oh wow thats great. .demi will totally rock it. Good luck to her and i can wait to see the episodes :)

  2. Keshia Said:

    Well the only good thing about this is that it is not a character that has been bullied. I liked her until she was all about the woe is me I was bullied. Everyone gets bullied, not saying it was right but until you are beat up for it and it ruins your life, stop with the sob story. You have tons of money and a career you love. You can hire someone to keep those people away, you kept them around. Shut up. She’s like another Taylor Swift, only she is known for her bully story not her talent.

  3. David1 Said:

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  4. Nia Said:

    Lmao at this person above ^ obviously celebs dont share every detail on their personal life. U dont know if she was physically abused as well as mentally. She was bullied way before she became famous, dumbass. Its not about a sob story, she cares about her fans. She tells her stories to let people know they arent alone & to prevent it from happening again. & shes actually one of few artists today with natural talent. I think its funny how people assume, clearly, before they know the whole story.

  5. Taija Said:

    Demi on Glee will make me cry. I love Demi so much. She is my idol. We went thru the same kind of stuff, and I just look up to her so much. And her voice is to die for. Oh please be on glee.

  6. Destiny Said:

    Happy to see Demi acting again

  7. Rachel Said:

    I cannot stand Demi. If she’s going to be on Glee this season, I will NOT be watching!!

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