Gallery: The Many Hair Colors of Demi Lovato

It seems that every time I turn around, Demi Lovato has changed her hair color. Sticking with her Neon Lights tour theme, she’s been spotted sporting highlighter pink and electric blue hues, but it seems as though she’s teetering back and forth with natural colors most recently. I spied the singer out and about with her signature brown locks last week–but it didn’t last for long (kind of like my attention span for Camp Rock…)

DD posted a pic on Instagram this week showing off what appears to be a Goldilocks-inspired hue of honey blonde… a much tamer tress color than what she’s surprised us with in the past.

Take a look a some of Demi’s past pics, and tell me which color she should stick to (for the sake of her hair health!) Or, do you love that her hairstyles are just as unpredictable as her celebrity Twitter feuds?

Golden Girl

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

Singing The Blues

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

Pretty In Pink

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

Purple Punk

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

Precious Platinum

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

Brunette Beauty

Photo Credit: @ddlovato Instagram

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  1. Dey Said:

    I don’t like any of her looks, I think she’s an attention seeker and she doesn’t deserves to be famous

  2. Hannah Chesler Said:

    Yeah. .. what an attention seeker right? She made up all that shit she went through to be famous right? Yeah she’s such a bitch right? Going to Kenya and building a school was all for attention seeking right? And her voice?! It sucks! Yeah… no. She’s an amazing inspiration to me, and millions of other lovatics. Donttyou dare diss my girl again, okay? Thank you ♥

  3. Elaina Said:

    She is beautiful inside and out! One of the most inspiring young celebrities we have today! :)

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