Love or Loathe: Demi Lovato’s Hair

Darlings, if I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I am not having any of this short hair for summer trend. Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Lambert and Rumer Willis are just a few of the celebs who have chopped their locks this month (read: who will be begging for new extensions come September), and now they’re joined by new Skechers spokeswoman, Demi Lovato!

As you can see, DD ditched the length of the non-buzzed part of her purple-tipped hair, and brought it to a shoulder length (here we go again) bob. She also trimmed up the buzzed side, which apparently she won’t be growing out anytime soon.

I must say, dolls, while I’m not a fan of the half-or-any-buzzed look on the whole (a little too Brooklyn for my Upper East Side taste), I think cutting the long side shorter actually makes this look look cleaner. I love the volume that the layers and loose waves gives our dear Demetria. All in all, this look is far more feminine and youthful than before.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What do you think, loves: are you on board with Demi’s hair? Or is it time for her to grow it into a more sophisticated cut? XOXO


  1. Jewels Said:

    Wow, She looks so much older with short hair! In a good way. The long hair makes her look like a Disney Channel star. X the shaving, I dont understand the shaving trend! GG, you are the only reason I can recognize Demi Lovato. For someone who is always bad mouthing her, you sure are obbessed with her!!

  2. Alexandra Said:

    I honestly like Demi Lovato’s hair because like you said gives more volume and her long hair could have been hasty and kind of weighed down her head

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