OMG! Demi Lovato is Unrecognizable in Makeup-Free Selfie

Think you know what your fave celeb looks like sans makeup, darlings? Think again. Demi Lovato posted a pic of her self minus the maquillage and she looks COMPLETELY different:

demi lovato


Is that really you, Demi? Maybe it’s the odd angle–always tilt your chin down, minions–or addition of glasses, but never in a million years would I guess that this was our darling D.

Do you kind of like her fresh faced and au natural? Or does is this just-out-of-bed look not something you should put on the Internet?


  1. Jenni Said:


  2. Georgia Said:

    I think she looks great…. She doesn’t look so different

  3. Ilhem meriem Said:

    Seriously I didn’t reconized her !! I think that she’s brave by putting a picture of her au Naturel Because even with the Make-up She is Ugly lol D you shouldn’t put that picture on the net !!

  4. sanda Said:

    I don’t think she looks any different!! The glasses change the all appearance! It definetly changes me too)

  5. Nikki Said:

    I think she looks better then ever o.O I usually find her quite ugly…

    But it might be because of the lack of her horse-toothed smile?

  6. dill Said:

    looks like a typical american sack of fat turd

  7. Tam Said:

    She looks great! Post whatever makes you happy, the world is too critical these days.!!

  8. Kalyn Said:

    definitely not something that she should’ve put on the internet..I thought it was a creepy guy..

  9. Christian Said:

    OMG doesn’t even look like her when did Demi become a pudgy white girl?! I hope this is a case of the angles I can’t recognize at all!

  10. laura Said:

    she looks like a typucal fat american girl thats not demi whos that?

  11. A Said:

    So… yeah, Demi posted that picture. She’s without make up. She wanted to show HER FANS to be theirselves and natural.
    Do you really think that other celebs are much prettier than her without any make up at all?

  12. Hana Said:

    She doesn’t look so different ^^=

  13. R Said:

    Wow, so many rude comments. She is a strong person. She’s got more beauty than any of you.

  14. B Said:

    So I guess bitches will be bitches…haters.

  15. Tantastic Said:

    All you haters are part of the global bullying problem!
    Wonder how many ppl have died due to your big fat mouths?
    Grow up, educate yourself and become a positive, contributing
    human being so I don’t have to support you or your hateful
    little offspring!

  16. Maggie Said:

    This is what’s wrong with our society today!! Ignorant people, it’s so sad! She looks NORMAL and I applaud her for doing this!!! I wasn’t a fan of her before but I am now!

  17. Patricia Said:

    people can be so harsh… i think she looks beautiful with or without makeup and this just picture proves how beautiful she really is. I’m sure that all of you people who posted hate comments look terrible when you’ve just woken up, hence why you don’t post pictures like this, but Demi looks absolutely gorgeous like this! she may look tired,yes,but i mean of course she looks tired! if you had her life, you would look tired too! Stop the hate!

  18. Elaine Said:

    Bravissimo! This is why I have no problem with you being my 14 yr old daughters idol! I teach her to be loving and respectful of ALL! To be proud of who she is and what she stands for. Thank you for being yourself.

  19. Van Der Who? Said:

    -May I say she looks horrible?
    -You may!
    -OK,she looks horrible. OMG,i prefer her not-like-that.What’s wrong with you you hottie? Change and never do that again.

  20. kyle Said:

    I see nothing wrong about this picture.

    As a public figure, the expectation to look “fab” or “glam” is daunting. Having the courage to post a natural look and still radiate is quite admirable, this picture tells me that this woman is secure about herself with or without make up and her image is not defined by paint but of her character and values. That’s the image people.

  21. Lana Said:

    Though I’m all for going natural, she just looks a bit manly here. It’s the angle and the glasses. Like her skin but this pic.

  22. Rachel Said:

    Wow…. She is unrecognizable here. Yet, prettier than she is with those gigantic teeth when she smiles for the camera!!

  23. emjay Said:

    Of course she looks different, but she still looks like herself. We all look quite a bit different when we’re made-up…

  24. Rabbit Said:

    You kidding? It’s perfect! She looks awesome as an “average Jane” and it ensures she can (well, could) go out in public & not be disturbed.

  25. jo Said:

    She just looks very very plain. With makeup on she looks pretty. But also, cell phone pics make anyone look worse than they are. Those dumb glasses that are worn for “style” look horrible.

  26. angela Said:

    it wasn’t a selfie, it was a video she posted the morning of the Teen Choice Awards.
    regardless, i thought she was brave for even making a video the moment she woke up and walked into her bathroom to get ready.

  27. pau Said:

    lol this was from a video she posted getting ready for the tca’s

  28. None of your business Said:

    Everyone is saying that Demi is usually ugly anyway: you’re wrong! Demi is beautiful and I refuse to believe otherwise. In case you guys didn’t know, she has been through a lot. She got called fat and being bashed by kids of her own age. This resulted to her cuttting when she was only 12, so it’s dumb that you are now saying the same sort of thing all over again. Yes, she is famous, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have access to this website. And, no, she’s not a robot: she has feelings.

  29. Courtney Said:

    This was from a video that Demi posted on Keek before the Teen Choice Awards and she had just gotten out of bed so I don’t know why people are calling her ugly. Lots of people have glasses, she had messy bed hair and she was pulling a face: I do that a lot and no one calls me ugly, and Demi definately isn’t ugly either.
    Have a nice day! :-)

  30. Fuck all u haters of demi Said:

    Demi looks amazing always and she looks amazing now nothing changed all she did was put on her glasses and now people want to critize if u dont have anything positive to say then dont say shit.

  31. Anon E Moose Said:

    More women need to be comfortable with how they look w/o make-up. Natural beauty is far more enjoyable and self confidence is of the utmost importance. To anyone taking exception to how she looks, take a look in the mirror, shut your mouth and sit down.

  32. amanda Said:

    Is so fugly without make up. Holy shit she needs it.

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