Demi Lovato is Leaving The X Factor

If you’re one of the 10 people still left in America who watch The X Factor, today is not your lucky day because the only worthwhile reason to tune in, judge Demi Lovato, is ditching the ailing show and returning to music.

“I started the show being a singer and a musician, and so I’m going to go back to that,” she dishes. “It’s been really great, but I’m so excited for 2014. I’m going to dedicate it completely and entirely to music – touring and making a new album. Possibly releasing one.”

demi lovato


Well, as depressing as it shall be to see her go, at least we can look forward to more music, n’est ce pas?

But, D did admit that there were a few things she’d miss about being on the ailing singing series:

“Being able to sit next to Kelly and Paulina and see them twice a week, and also helping mentor the contestants.” 

That’s sweet. Probably a lie, but a sweet one nonetheless. So, well done Demi and good luck.

Are you sad to see DL ditch out on The X Factor? Or is she right to jump off this sinking singing ship ASAP?


  1. Casey Said:

    I’m glad we got to see her. Personally if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have bothered to watch the show at all. She made great entertainment with Simon, but other than that I’m happier to hear she’s gonna be back in music and touring because that’s what she’s amazing at. I’m sure it was a great experience for her but music is definitely her thing.

  2. Daniela Said:

    I agree..
    Everyone, especially her Lovatics were ecstatic to see her on the show helping others do what she does best. It was a fantastic opportunity, and ultimately excellent publicity. Nonetheless, I’m over the moon that she’s moving on to focus on her music and continue to do what she loves. I think it was the right time for her to move on, doesn’t mean she won’t be missed, but I’m glad she’s going to concentrate on her own music.. means more music for us!! Happy Demi = Happy Lovatics

  3. Binita khatri Said:

    Demi did a good job in x-factor.she is a best judge,If she wanna come back in music i and her lovatics fan are so happy 4rm this decision.she always do a right thing.Now we can listen demi,s so many song.DEMI I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

  4. Paulla Said:

    Demi is great but it’s not the only reason I watch the xfactor . I love the show!!!! It’s sad to see her leave but I will continue to watch the show every time! I’m excited to see who they get to replace her.

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