Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato Gives Life Advice to Miley Cyrus

Looks like Demi Lovato is just as concerned for Miley Cyrus as we are, but her worries are more in the serious tone of “WTF are you doing with your life?” as opposed to my prime concern of “WTF are you wearing?”

But, to each his own. Demi, who is competing against her former BFF in the “Best Female Video” category for the VMAs this year, recently spilled the life advice she gave Miley: “She knows how I feel about the whole partying thing. I love her to death and I’m always like, ‘Just be careful’ and she’s like, ‘Dude, I’m chilling. It’s fine.’ But I care for her so much that I’m so protective, but she’s good. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

Demi also made a passive aggressive diss about Miley’s twerking obsession, saying, “I’m really tired of the word ‘twerking.’ It’s like ‘swag’, it’s like, ‘OK, just stop.’ Or ‘YOLO;’ just don’t.”

Do you think all of D’s words were meant with love, or do you sense some underlying tension between the two?

demi lovato and miley cyrus


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  1. Tamy Said:

    It’s just that Demi is more mature than Miley

  2. Marissa Said:

    I use to love Miley and look up to her so much- now I just don’t know who she is anymore; I can’t identify with her. I don’t get the hair, the drugs, the crotch-touching poses and the whole “cool” attitude. Plus WTF is up with twerking? Just cut it out please

  3. Missy Said:

    I think Demi is saying this out of concern not tension besides Demi has the better singing voice and directed her newest video . Miley can’t sing and she’s obnoxious . Not a big fan if either but to choose . I go with Demi

  4. Rabz Said:

    demi is just concerned and being an older sister to her since miley is still figuring things out.. I think its sweet of demi to be looking out for her :)

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