Caption This: Demi Lovato is a Pampered Sleeping Beauty

Demi Lovato lives a pretty sweet life, doesn’t she? In fact, if I were to judge from this picture alone, I’d say she and I have very similar days. My lady in waiting has been known to pamper me while I catch up on my sleep (from the evening galas to the boozy brunches with my friends, it’s no wonder I’m tired quite often).

The X-Factor judge was caught on camera getting a manicure while taking a nap on Sunday before the MuchMusic Awards. She wrote along with it, “Just took an hour nap and woke up with THE BEST nails!!!! Hahaha.”

I think this cute picture calls for one of my favorite pastimes: Caption This! Leave your best and most witty ideas in a comment below, and I’ll be sure to read through them and pick my favorites. XOXO




  1. Samantha Said:

    caption: You’re making my nails GLOOWWWW…but cover me up so I won’t SNOOOOREEEE.

  2. Alissa Said:

    ” I better get this done FAST before it wakes up and I have to hear it talk”

  3. Hannah Said:

    This is a real beauty sleepāœŒ

  4. Willow Said:

    the nail fairy strikes again!

  5. MaryContrary Said:

    File this under Sleeping Beauty.

  6. Samantha Said:

    @Alissa SNAP SNAP! :D

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