First Listen: Demi Lovato & Naya Rivera’s Glee Version of “Here Comes The Sun”

Demi Lovato and Naya RiveraMark your calendars, Upper East Siders. Glee will be returning with an all-new season starting September 26, and the first two episodes will be Beatles-themed.

I’m personally very excited about this. I’m also very excited that Demi Lovato will be joining the cast during the second episode. She’ll be performing a duet with Naya Rivera, singing one of my favorites, “Here Comes The Sun.” And finally, we have a sneak peek of their version:

I hear that you’ll be able to download the full Beatles-themed playlist by the Glee cast a few days before the season even premieres. Pre-order it on iTunes now!

Do you love Demi and Naya’s version or does nothing compare to the original? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Pauline Said:

    I don’t see how Demi Lovato in Glee can be a good thing, I HATE her voice when she talks and I think her acting is not that good… But let’s see how she does.

  2. Amber Said:

    They sound great together. Love them both.

  3. comfort Said:

    shes cute bt does she hv wht it takes to WOW us?. Mhm i guess we hv to wait to find out.

  4. Regina Said:

    Altough I’m used to loathe all related to Glee or Demi L, gotta say this version is not that crappy. But still, no beatle would praise a bunch of copy cats. Vrai? xxx

  5. Kristen Said:

    Nice singing, Dem Dem. i’m sure Nay Nay and Dem aDem will go alog with the lie Nay is telling.

  6. britt Said:

    demi is one fierce mothafuckin boss ass bitch and i can’t wait till she sLAYS GLEE <3333

  7. Kelsie Said:

    @Pauline why are you such a hater?

  8. jayeepino Said:

    good duet…really cute sound!to all the haters,,,shut up!!!

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