WTF Alert: Demi Lovato’s Nude Picture Fiasco

The other day I showed you a pic of Demi Lovato minus makeup, but soon someone else may be presenting you with pics of her minus a whole lot more…

demi lovato


I hear that someone is shopping nude pics of the singer in a bathtub, on a bed and, apparently, “getting rowdy”–I don’t even want to know what that might mean. And if you’re wondering if perhaps it’s just a DD look alike, the source claims that Demi’s many tattoos match up with the girl in the pics. Weirdly, Demi’s rep has declined to comment, which is usually a sign that a rumor is true :(

I for one blame Wilmer Valderrama. I can tres see him snapping sexy pics of her and then being dumb enough to misplace his phone or make the password “1234.” He seems like that brand of douche.

If these pics do exist and if they do hit the Internet, will you think any less of D? Or will your heart go out to her and make you think twice before you send naughty things over Snapchat again?



  1. lol Said:

    I wont really think less of her but ngl im really looking forward to seeing this

  2. Giovanna Said:

    Demi Lovato will be an inspiration for me in my life forever. All celebrities slip up and if this rumor does turn out to be in fact true, it’s much less horrific than other celebrity slip ups. She’s just a young adult growing up and dealing with her own life. In no such way would this cause me to think any different of my role model.

  3. isabella Said:

    stop dishing on demi you loser. it’s not like no one has nude pics! we’ve all done it! the difference is that she’s in the spotlight so y’all take advantage of that. it disgusts me.

  4. bobbi Said:

    I think its so funny. That lady likes to criticize other people for being trashy and having naked pictures out and she’s done the exactly same thing. Hypocrisy much? Btw, I personally don’t think anything’s wrong with being naked if you want to be, she’s the one who supposedly has an issue with it.

  5. Caterina Said:

    I feel really bad. I hope people will get pass this. I mean she is a great singer not God. I hope people will not judge her for a stupid mistake. How many people do the exact same thing and don’t get the third degree burn. Demi u r an inspiration and tat will never change. You’re a great singer/songwriter/actress. Don’t listen to negative people u dn’t need tat shit in ur life

  6. Tay Said:

    i mean she’s human its not like shes shooting playboy for the whole world to see. its something she did in private. but as a person in the spotlot she should realize this is possible and shouldnt of made the choice to let it happen. hopefully its all a rumor

  7. LilaMariie Said:

    I blame valderrama two! I bet he did the same thing to lindsay L

  8. Noname Said:

    I have sent hundreds of nudes of me to my boyfriend of 5 years. And I think many many girls do so. It’s a shame if they end up on the Internet, but it’s not something to make you think less of a person. It’s a foreplay with your boyfriend, is a way of getting him aroused and making him want to rip your clothes off next time he sees you. It’s personal, and it shouldn’t be on the Internet, but it’s not to be judged.

  9. cute pupps Said:

    Hey everyone I just seen all your posts and its Ridiculous if she was getting in The bath u would get naked a simple thing like she burped in public it would be all around this stupid made up fake website if she wanted to walk around naked its up to her not the public why don’t you pick on someone who’s not famous u find some1 famous get a headline and there u go your highlight of the week u can’t trash some1s life over being naked and what’s the papparatzi doing watching her naked in the bath x

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