Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato on Friend Breakups

The thing I love about Demi Lovato is that she’s a no-BS kind-of-girl. She reminds me a lot of myself actually. And her latest words of wisdom are very similar to what I preach to my minions time and time again (most often when I’m kicking one to the Upper East Side curb…)

“I like to have friends in my life who believe they’re going places and are working toward their dreams,” Dem told Seventeen magazine for the August issue. “When you’re growing and the people around you aren’t, that’s when you have to start shedding them. I’ve done that a lot over the past few years, but it has been so worth it, because the people in my life today inspire me to keep being creative, to have fun, and to be a good person.”

Seventeen August 2014 - Demi Lovato

Ben Watts/Seventeen

Tell me darlings, have you ever had to ditch a BFF because she wasn’t growing with you? Did you feel like a B or do you agree with Demi that it’s the right thing to do?

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  1. Roxane Said:

    I think it’s the right thing to do, if your friend isn’t growing with you, first tell her and try to fix things, but if it doesn’t get any better, leave her, that’s what I did (my old bff started to act like a bitch and wanted nothing else but sex-and we were 12 at that time- plus she was madly in love with this guy-who, i must mention didn’t like her back, and she put him before me). So I stopped hanging out with her and I never felt happier (all those annoying things she did are gone!)

  2. kaela Said:

    It’s not the right thing to do. To me it sounds like she only wants people around her who are useful to use for herself. Not everyone becomes a big success in life. but as long as they are healthy and happy that should be enough when it comes to friendships. I have some that are more successful then me by a long shot and some that aren’t but we are still friends and always will be because your job doesn’t define who you are as a person. The poorest person could be the most generous personyouknow

  3. victoria Said:

    Kaela, I think it’s just a clash of personalities. It’s like if you’re a super ambitious person but you’re dating someone who just slacks off and doesn’t have any real goals in life. They’re going to bring you down at some point. It’s the same way with friendships. Sure, you might keep in touch with people, but it’s hard to connect in a deep level if you have such different perspectives on life.

  4. Cece Said:

    I believe that what Demi says is totally right.Sometimes we have in our lives people that are so negative that when we’re so happy or we accomplished something great they do all they can to makes us feel bad about it,they just can’t be happy for us,and that is when we have to let them go and make our own way.I had this bff who was also my roommate, and she ended up being such a jelous, psycho bitch who envy my goals and successes.Now that we are no longer friends I’m so much better and happier.

  5. Nicole Said:

    I ended a friendship a few weeks ago we were like sisters best friends,but she kept making promises about putting her friends first that she won’t fall for the same guy who keeps braking her heart everytime she goes back to him. I’ve always been there for her supported her but when I needed her she just wasn’t there for me ,and that made me realise its time for this friendship to end I believe some friendships are ment to be and others not

  6. Samantha Said:

    @Roxane I had something like that happen to me. I had a BFF and she is like your old friend. Obsessed with stupid things and we are in our early 20s. I found out 5 years later that that just isn’t me and she put her worthless bf before our friendship. Letting her go never felt so freeing.

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