Demi Lovato on Joe Jonas: We Fight Like Brother and Sister!

You may have thought that Demi Lovato would be livid over her ex Joe Jonas’ not-exactly-flattering portrayal of their romance (during which DL was a drugged-out mess) but in fact, D says she’s proud of JJ for speaking the truth.

“I want to commend him for how brave he was,” Demi said. “He never was able to share his side of the story, he kept it really quiet. I was going through my stuff, and he got blamed for a lot of it.”

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Proving that she may be the precise opposite of Taylor Swift (who Joe may have described as “bat sh*t crazy” in his tell-all to New York magazine), Demi admits that she and the JoBro are totes besties in an oh-so-platonic way.

“We argue like brother and sister now,” she revealed. “It’s like, ‘Dude, what were you thinking?’ But it’s all good. I was like, ‘Don’t be embarrassed or whatever. I still love you. We’re still family. It’s all good.’”

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Good for you DD for being so mature that you can forgive, forget, and move on in a new capacity with one of your former flings. Not that I can blame you for no longer being in lust with him–that mustache is a crush-killer for sure…XOXO.


  1. Giovanna Said:


  2. Giovanna Said:


  3. Binita khatri Said:

    yeah..she did the right caliing him brother.Demi you are great love you…….who cares wht he said about you,we cared wht you say….not that friggin jackass…..joe you can go to hell… can heart demi…

  4. me Said:

    I am really pissed off that you do these kinds of stuff and then instantly compare her to Taylor Swift. Like wth, when a guy cheats on you, the first thing you do is talk shit about him to your best friends so stop being hypocrites about Taylor writting a song about it bc if you haven’t heard, that’s what she does for a living: writing songs about her life.
    And I think Demi managed it all well but seing how close JJ and DL are, I think eh shouldn’t hv said anything about her… he’s an ahole.

  5. imane Said:

    This is such a horribly written artical,complete and utter rubbish. Why would you bring Taylor Swift into this? She had nothing to do with the story, many artists write from personal experience

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