Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato on Kissing a Girl


As you all know, Demi Lovato will be joining the cast of Glee this season to play the part of Santana’s (Naya Rivera) new love interest. The X-Factor judge recently told Ryan Seacrest that filming the scenes has been “awesome” so far. She also commented on the impact that she hopes this role will have on viewers.

“I don’t want people to take from this, ‘Oh my god, Demi is kissing a girl,’” she said. “I want people to take from it this is actually an incredible step in our generation today where I’m able to play a young lesbian on primetime TV…I’m honored to be able to be hopefully inspiring people with my character to be who they are and not be afraid of it or ashamed.”

Demi won’t appear until the second episode of the season, but the premiere (which will happen on Sept. 26 on FOX) is already being teased. Check out the trailer below to see the first episode in their two-part Beatles-themed event! Are you excited?


  1. atahan Said:

    she is greatfull

  2. kayla Said:

    Well. I love demi buut I would never ever play a lesbian like ever.

  3. ~ Little J Said:

    i think it’s really cool that she’s going to play the role as Nayas girlfriend!

  4. Andrea Said:

    I would honored too if I was playing the love interest for Santana.

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