ICYMI: Demi Lovato Performs With The American Idol Finalists

It Girls such as ourselves can’t be slaves to our television schedule. Sure, we’d love to catch every single cool moment but hello it’s gala season. So luckily for you, I’ve got a copy of Demi Lovato’s amazing performance on last night’s American Idol season finale! DD belted out “Really Don’t Care” then launched into her hit “Neon Lights” and was joined on stage by the female Idol finalists, Emily PirizKristen O’ConnorMajesty RoseJena IreneJessica Meuse, and Malaya Watson. 

Take a peek, darlings…

But some are saying that these Idol hopefuls were even better than Demi herself, but I totes disagree. Can anyone outdo the original? Pfft please. That’s like someone saying they’re going to dethrone yours truly!

Jena ended up coming in second as Meatloaf-esque rocker Caleb Johnson took the title of Idol. Do you think Jena was robbed of the crown or will Caleb go on to be the next big thing?

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