OMFGorgeous: Demi Lovato’s Pretty Retro Look

Finally! Demi Lovato is ditching her good-girl-gone-Hot-Topic look and is opting for a lighter, fresher style. I spied her on the X-Factor in this pretty fit-and-flare dress with pink cheeks, light lips and a retro wave in her hair. The result? A fun, feminine style that compliments D’s figure and skin tone so much more than the dark-brows-and-bold-lips look she’s been trying to rock lately.

What do you think of Demi showing off her softer side? Is this a look she should keep or are you itching for edgy Lovato to make a triumphant return?



  1. PrincessN94 Said:

    I actually love it, she looks amazing in this dress, it seems it is her.

  2. Matilda Said:


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