Did Demi Lovato Have a Fling With a Girl?

Looks like Demi Lovato has been practicing for her new gay Glee role for quite some time. A 27-year-old Australian DJ named Ruby Rose says she had a steamy girl-on-girl fling with Demi, adding snark that she’s the only person who’s slept with Demi without trying to sell naked pictures of her!

Interestingly, Demi hasn’t responded to any of the rumors, and we know how outspoken she usually is. Could this be a sign that Ruby’s story is true?

Demi Lovato Jingle Ball 2013 Presented by Jam Audio Collection


In any case, I must say that Ruby is a lot cuter than that smarmy loser Wilmer Valderrama. I wouldn’t mind seeing she and Demi date on the regular, would you darlings? Or do you think that this entire story is nothing more than thunder from Down Under?

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  1. A. Said:

    Oh, she’s hot! Demi surely know how to pick her girls.

  2. A. Said:

    I meant “knows”. lol

  3. Tiffany Said:

    I highly doubt that’s true.

  4. Carol Said:

    Omg Demi would be even more perfect if this story was true. I HATE WILMER he doesn’t deserve Demi. I would rather see her with a girl than with that old ugly guy.

  5. Hannah Said:

    Well, I honestly don’t know but maybe that 27 year old is just one of those celebrities that gets paid to make celebrities more famous because there have been so many rumors of celebrities that haven’t been true. For example, the one on ClevverTV or ClevverNews that said an insider told them that Lucy Hale from PLL had been saying she was going to quit since on PLL at the time she said everything was happening to Emily but it wasn’t true, which I thought. But I doubt that THIS Demi thing is real

  6. Coco Said:

    I hope that she is Bi! True or not, shes an amazing person and any woman would be incredible lucky to have her!!! I wish we were all that lucky to be “dating” Demi

  7. Ellena Said:

    @Hannah, Ruby Rose is a well known DJ, clothes designer, model and a tv presenter here in Australia. :)
    Even if this story is true, Ruby is hot for Demi!

  8. Justiemh Said:

    i wouldnt mind but i never saw her as a lesbian

  9. pakyu Said:

    this post is so immature

  10. Milz Said:

    Go Girl!

  11. Sophia Said:

    I think this DJ is just trying to get some attention, that’s all…but, in any case, they’re both cute:P

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  13. lovatic:) Said:

    this isnt true ruby rose is just trying to get in the limelight so what she does is pick the person who everybody is talking about and loving (demi lovato) and say something like this so people can start loving and talking about her so she can get on the same level demi is on if i were you ruby i would work more harder if you want to get more famous instead of making up stories like this oh and whoever paid you money to say this they can all go to hell and so can you i love u demi :)

  14. LovatoLover Said:

    I am going to turn her into a lesbian.

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