Demi Lovato’s Mystery Duet

Don’t think we missed your duet teaser, Demi Lovato! The singer, who’s been tweeting up a storm about her upcoming worldwide DEMI tour, hinted at a duet with a mystery man earlier this week (not to be confused with her previous duet with Ed Sheeran). While DD has yet to reveal the name of her secret collaborator, Lovatics and MTV alike seem to think the thumbs in her Instagram teaser belong to Nick Jonas.

“Recorded a KILLER duet today…. Can you guess who it was with???” Demi captioned the mysterious photo. Those tacky (sorry, not sorry) red claws clearly belong to Demi, but there’s mounting evidence that the man thumbs are Nick’s. Not only did Nick contribute his creativity to Demi’s recent Neon Lights tour, but the two go way back to their Camp Rock days. What’s more, Demi revealed to MTV last month that she and Nick wrote an “amazing” song together. “Maybe we can do a side project together. We may or may not have picked out the band name already,” Demi said.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

What pulls it all together for some crazies Lovatics that went all Angela Lansbury-meets-CSI on the Instagram, is that the grey suit the mystery man is wearing matches a suit that Nick Jonas wore earlier that day. Not to completely dash dreams, dolls, but it is the middle of July: a grey suit isn’t exactly compelling evidence.

What do you think, minions? Will it be a Camp Rock reunion? Or has Demi pulled someone else in with those incredibly long claws?


  1. Antonio Said:

    Demi Lovato Tour Millbrae Ca

  2. Надя Д. Said:

    I love you so much Queen Demi!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Asher Said:

    I think it’s Sia, judging by the fact that it looks like her hand and it looks like there could be pink nail polish on their hand. Also Sia is suddenly high on the charts, so it’s highly probable. Sia is fantastic, so if my predictions are correct I’ll be stoked!

  4. oana Said:

    Asher , the girl IS Demi Lovato. Don’t you see the tattoo, stay strong?

  5. Abby Said:

    It’s Nick, the vein in his hand match on other pictures!!!!

  6. blubber Said:

    “(…) that Nick Jonas wore earlier that day.” Great journalism. That’s the Camp Rock 2 premiere, which was in… thanks Wikipedia, 2010. (Sorry not sorry.)

  7. AJ Said:

    Being that there are 2 right hands and one has long nails, it is definitely demi and a male duet partner. The other hand is very manly with no nails.

  8. Ally Said:

    I think it’s Michael Bublé. :)

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