Scene & Heard: Demi Lovato’s Twitter Rant About Privacy

“Completely and utterly disgusted at the absolute lack of any privacy or respect whatsoever in this world today. None. So disappointed. Artists don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. We choose to be open and honest in our music with others. Yet this is how we are thanked? The entitlement that society has today over the lives of artists today is absolutely PATHETIC. I don’t do this for money. In fact, I’d give back all the money in the world I’ve ever made if I could buy my privacy back.”Demi Lovato taking to Twitter to vent her frustration–but quickly deleted the rant.

I’m usually totes on board with whatever D is doing, but I’m having a hard time drumming up sympathy for someone who chose to be a celebrity and who then chose again to return to the spotlight after a long hiatus.

demi lovato


Here’s the thing with being a star, darlings: you may not have to worry about things like paying your bills, but the trade-off is your privacy. If you don’t like it and prefer obscurity, I’m sure you can find another job. Otherwise, stop complaining, mmmkay, darling?

Are you as irked as I am to hear Demi complain about her life of fame, fortune and privilege while so many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet? Sound off in the comments, minions…XOXO.


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  1. Sydney Said:

    Honestly, I think she has every right to say that. I mean, YES she chose to be a celebrity and YES she chose to come back to the life after a little break but you, GG, are an anonymous poster who is only known by the name Gossip Girl. Nobody is all up in your privacy because you CHOSE to be anonymous.

  2. Khiana Said:

    Gossip Girl isn’t actually one person. It’s just a website, comprised of the scandals and dishing out info on all of our fave Hollywood stars. And furthermore, celebrities can retain privacy. The Weeknd is huge, he’s got a twitter but he’s one of the most obscure artists of this era. Props to him.

  3. Kalyn Said:

    Sydney, it’s not really just one person, it’s most likely a group of people from behind the show doing it or they were originally hired by the team behind gossip girl to do this, it’s not actually just a person behind their computer at home or something..that’s just the way it’s supposed to seem, like the show.

  4. Paulina Said:

    I think that she’s just like anyone else and deserves to not only want her privacy, but also be able to make that known. People are always forgetting that celebrities are people, with no help from magazines or talk shows who always take their lives and try to turn them into a 12 o clock episode of the Days of Our Lives. For anyone privacy is important why can’t we do the same for celebrities. More power to you, Demi!

  5. Solie Said:

    My Only reply to that is:
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing her. She has troubles just like the rest of us.

    If you would truly trade everything you have now, for a life that you can live without all the bs? Then do it. Don’t just SAY you want to do it to make yourself look selfless.
    Give all your money to a charity and buy some po-dunk house in wherever, and be happy.
    Otherwise? Be quite and accept the security that most americans would KILL for.

  6. Erin Said:

    This article disgusts me. She chose to return to the spotlight because she has an inspiring message that people can relate to, and she wants to help people through similar situations. She doesn’t do it for the fame or fortune. She does it to let us know we’re not alone, and what do we do in return? Pry for more private information? It’s sad to see that this website supports that. She is telling us as much as she is comfortable with the whole world knowing, and that should be more than enough.

  7. Caterina Said:

    I understand being famous you’re photograph everywhere but tat does not give the right to invade someone’s privacy. They r entited to have a private life. They r humans and people make mistakes. Paparazzis’ suld get lives and lve them alone.

  8. Lovatic Said:

    Demi deserves to be able to keep some things private if she wants. Even with her insecurities, she is extremely open with the world about her issues because she believes her message is worth it. She shares a lot of herself. She’s only asking that the very few things that she holds as sacred be allowed to stay that way.

  9. Dreamer Said:

    As much as this post upsets me, its just a sad depiction of what society has come to. Don’t you see? If we truly cared about these PEOPLE, THESE HUMAN BEINGS, we would give them the respect ANYONE DESERVES. Think of the 1 in a million odds they beat. Sure there are some regretful exceptions, and I don’t deny that, but calling out Demi is a mistake. I applaud her for speaking up. RIP Cory Montieth. We miss you.

  10. Dirtsa Said:

    I totally agree with you gossip girl! I’m sure that there is many others, there would love to have some of her money.. So why complain Demi?

  11. Eri Said:


    Gossip Girl you should be better than that.

  12. Eri Said: That’s how cruel some of her fans are. They do not respect any of her privacy!!! How would you feel if someone would leak such private pictures of you and your boyfriend in bed? This article is making me SO MAD. I thought you are professionals on this website. I should be working on it instead of you, at least I don’t post bullshit before really knowing any fact.

  13. F. Said:

    I totally understand her. She might had known what she would become to, but she never imagined the things paparazzi would do! I take the example of Justin Bieber! The kid can’t do anything without the media knowing right away. Do you guys still remember what happened when a paparazzi followed JB in his Ferrari and died! This is almost the same.

  14. Cindy Said:

    Can I point out that she is on a social networking site complaining about privacy???

  15. kathie Said:

    can i also point out that if she doesnt want photos of her in bed leaked then she shouldnt take them in the first place… EL OH EL FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! i mean she clearly posed for those pics. nice try demi but no. you fail.

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