Fashion Don’t: Dianna Agron’s Dowdy Dress

Spotted: Dianna Agron trotting around my city in a woefully unflattering Louis Vuitton frock. But the worst part? It didn’t have to look this bad. SEE THE PIC HERE!

Di, WTFashion darling? Never, never ever, drop a hem. NEVER. Given Dianna’s short stature and short torso, a knee-length dress makes her look squatty and matronly. Those atrocious shoes aren’t doing her any favors either–at least a pair of nude heels or red peep toes would have tied the outfit together. But black accessories with a navy and red dress? Ugh.

Do you think that LV got it right the first time with a short pleated hem or is Dianna’s conservative take enough to make you shout with Glee?


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  1. Jackie Said:

    I actually think it looks better longer…

  2. LOL Said:

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  3. dailydetention Said:

    short pleated hem for the win.

  4. Hey Said:

    Isn’t the same dress!

  5. Morgan Said:

    Makes her legs look look chunky and too short and torso too long. Shorter hem looks a lot better.

  6. btw Said:

    yeah, those are not the same dress by the way. Well played

  7. Jewels Said:

    It’s NOT even the same dress or pattern????

  8. Rachel Said:

    Why do people think this isn’t the same dress…. The model in the first pic is just wearing a coat over it, and the hem is shorter! Jeez. Anyways, I agree- The long hem makes Dianna’s legs look chunky and short! Not loving the shoes either :(

  9. Shabba Said:

    The LV dress had brown instead of navy blue but the same pattern. It’s not a same though. It just looks like someone copied the pattern and made another dress. I never thought I would say this but Diana Agron looks unattractive. She would have looked super cute in the original LV dress though.

  10. Casey Said:

    When does LV ever get it wrong? Di is messing with the fashion gods with this one…

  11. Lucy Said:

    If she’d worn the original dress you would have probably said that she was showing too much leg.

  12. Kate Said:

    I think it looks marvelous on her! Besides, she’s styled for the photo shoot/trip to venice she initially wore this for. AND for all of your information; IT IS AN ORIGINAL LV DRESS! She wore it to the LV trip to Venice! It was probably specially made for her, or is still going to be released as item to the collection. So everybody do your research before stating an opinion.

  13. Hannah Said:

    Kate : Wrong.

    So, explain, SHORTER HEM!!!! U LOOK LIKE A CHUNKY GRANNY!!!!!!!

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