Dianna Agron Kisses Chace Crawford on Glee’s 100th Episode

As if I needed another reason to hate Dianna Agron. She’s pretty, blonde, talented, rich and yes fine her fashion could surely use some work, but I’m still a bit jealz of her life especially now that she’s dishing on filming Glee with Golden Boy Chace Crawford!

Chace Crawford Dianna Agron


That’s right minions, the pair do indeed share a smooch but “just tiny kisses” she insists, calling C’s character, a Yalie named Biff. I mean really that’s the best name they could come up with? Tres cliche. But in any case, I’m sure he does a stellar job. After all, if Chacey can’t nail the role of a moneyed brat, who can?

Do you think D is downplaying her liplock with C? And should Chace should be given a regular part on Glee or will he always and forever be your favorite Upper East Sider?

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  1. Jeffrey aka the real lonelyboy Said:

    I think C just deserves all the best parts of a series or movie, because he’s simply the best.

  2. G Said:

    Only going to watch that episode of glee because chace comes out :)


    I want another season of gossip girl!!!!!! PLEASE

  4. maddy Said:

    I love him so much !! and I miss gosiip girl ! that was the best show ever , so I hope he stays on glee because I love him

  5. Kayla Said:

    Smooch it, smooch it. If Dianna Agron can get with Chace Crawford (even if the deal includes money), that means anyone can if they give him five dollars and they’re blue Forever 21 thong to the floor! Wow, I didn’t know it was that easy. I thought you had to get through a big black security guard who gives you a serious look and no voice.

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