Dianna Agron Gets A Dramatic Makeover

Step away from the hair dye, Di.

Glee’s original queen of mean Dianna Agron teamed up with L.A. stylist David Stanwell to brighten her blonde locks up a platinum notch.

Dianna Agron New Hair


“Midnight makeovers. @davestanwell makes it happen,” she captioned her new cut and color’s Twitter debut.

While the trendy bob shape I j’adore, this bleaching shade completely washes her out, IMO. Still, Di’s so adorably cute that even this faux pas gets my hall pass…but Just. This. Once!

Lena Dunham, your recent tresses train wreck still does not.



Tell me, Upper East Siders, do you agree that Dianna’s new hairdo is more of a hairdon’t?


  1. Andra Said:

    She looks amazing. When I read the title I tought she shaved her hair off Jesus Christ.

  2. Megan Said:

    This is the first time I’ve disagreed with you. I LOVE it!

  3. Lohy Said:

    In my honest opinion, she looks lovely. Kind of reminds me of a dove =)

  4. Andrea Said:

    FYI, you can’t say “I j’adore”. The “j'” stands for “I”. I have no problem with you using French to be fancy and all, but please use it correctly. So, now you’ll know :)

    Bisoux, bisoux from Quebec

  5. camille Said:

    You’re correcting their article and making another mistake at the same time.

    It’s “bisouS” not “bisouX”

    C. de Paris

  6. Dianna Agron Said:

    *phone convo*
    Whαt the αbsolute FUCK, GG? We mαde α deαl! You sαid you were going to mαke me look good. You PROMISED me!

  7. Gossip Girl (GG) Said:

    Well, D, I guess it’s a bit hard to trust anons on the internet. You would know after what happened. And I would spill, but… I want to see what you’d do just to keep this a secret. I want to push you to your limits, and see if you even have any true limits. Dianna, this isn’t over. And it won’t be.

  8. Dianna Agron Said:

    This is fake. I know it. You probably do this to people all the time! Just to make them feel scared. Just to make them feel threatened. Well it won’t work on me. I don’t care if every single person in the world knows. I will not let you take advantage of me like everyone else.

  9. Gossip Girl (GG) Said:

    Hmm… You sure? You might regret that descision. You see, word gets around fast these days. They just search your name, D, and all this comes up. See, I don’t think ANYONE would want that ever to get out. But, if you really think that you’re standing up to me and will some time stop me, then sure. I’ll put this stuff on advertisements!

  10. Dianna Agron Said:

    I don’t care what you do. Goodbye, GG.

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