Which GG Star Was At Dianna Agron’s D-Themed Birthday Party?

Dumbo and deers and a daiquiri? Oh my! Glee’s Dianna Agron celebrated her 28th birthday with quite the interesting theme… any guesses?

Guests were told to dress up as something that started with the letter D (you know, because that’s what the bday girl’s first name involves….) Gossip Girl’s very own Jessica Szohr was there to toast the actress and came dressed as Dumbo–the elephant, not the neighborhood in Brooklyn (although I’m sure Vanessa would have figured out a way to do the latter….)



Dianna sported antlers and makeup that at first glance made her look like she had some weird skin disease, but ultimately was supposed to look like a deer. In all, it seems as though the evening was a success. D posted on Twitter yesterday, “Coming up for air from the Birthday haze. I love my family, my friends, all of you. It was truly SUCH a special day. I can’t get over it!!”

Happy belated, Dianna! Sorry I couldn’t make your party. My Dan Humphrey wig didn’t make it to me in time. XOXO

Dianna Agron


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  1. andra Said:

    I was expecting a lot of dicks to be honest.

  2. Taylor Said:

    I think it’s fair to say that Diana was sporting Bambi.

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