Did Anna Wintour Cut Miley Cyrus From Vogue?

It’s every It Girl’s goal to someday grace the cover of Vogue magazine. But did that dream just die an ugly, brutal death for Miley Cyrus? I hear that Vogue editrix Anna Wintour was so aghast at MC’s twerk fiasco at the VMAs that she vetoed Miley’s upcoming cover.

Miley Cyrus Red Carpet for Grand Opening of "Britney : Piece of Me"


“Anna found the whole thing distasteful,” sniffed a Conde Nast source. “She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a different direction.”

But, another source is saying that Miley was never even scheduled for a Vogue cover–which to me is just as sad. Aww poor Miley. At least she has Liam Hemsworth a foam finger to keep herself warm at night…XOXO.


  1. Vernon Alarcon Said:

    thank you editrix !!!!! Let the silly, lil’ hillbilly girl grow up some more….

  2. melissa Said:

    Agreed…miley is distasteful

  3. Jazzebella Said:

    What is so classy vogue about that… More like trashy rogue fo sho. O.o

  4. Sarah Said:

    agree with A. Wintour, I don’t think Miley deserves being on the cover of Vogue.

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