Did Dave Franco Break Zac Efron’s Hand?

As you know, my love for both Zac Efron and Dave Franco runs deep and true. So imagine my horror and shock to hear that Dave broke Z’s hand! Well…kind of.

“[It happened] during filming, it was during a stage fight with Dave,” recalls my poor, wounded Zefron. “I had to go back to work so I couldn’t really wear a cast, so they [put like a titanium plate in it and a bunch of screws. My hand, in theory, is back to normal, it just looks really gross.”


Le gasp, darlings! I can’t bear the thought of my beloved Zac in any sort of pain….although I do quite like the idea of these two hotties rough housing. Preferably shirtless. In the rain. I do find it odd though that Dave, while adorable, isn’t exactly He-Man. How did he manage to wound uber-fit Zac so badly?

Give me your theories on how this sexy man fight went down!


  1. Helene Said:

    My poor Zachary!

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