Did Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Break Up?

I may never understand Demi Lovato‘s attraction or feelings towards Wilmer Valderrama, but even my ice cold heart wants her to be happy, so if he puts a smile on her face (which she claims he does), then so be it…

But lately I’ve been hearing rumors that these two are just another Hollywood couple to fall victim to the end-of-summer split. Could Dem have finally ended things with Fez?

Demi Lovato Wilmer Valderrama


Turns out they’re still very much a couple, according to a friend of the Neon Lights singer. “They are still…very much in love,” a source confirmed to Radar Online. “They are both really busy working on their own things right now. Demi has been focusing on her music and releasing new material, and Wilmer is busy promoting his new TV series From Dusk Till Dawn.”

But things aren’t necessarily perfect either. “Wilmer is not sober, so her friends sometimes worry that he could lead her back to dangerous old habits,” the source said. “But Wilmer is not an addict and respects her sobriety very much. Demi is like a rock and is very dedicated to remaining sober.”

Tell me my little lambs, do you think Wilmer is good for Demi or is he someone you really don’t care for?


  1. Bree Juliet Said:

    They are perfect for each other as long as they’re in love

  2. Audrey Said:

    Don’t like the guy. He’s so old and gross and Demi deserves much better. He’s an old ugly perv.

  3. Leoby Said:

    I LOVE them together! They look cute together, and just seem to work out regardless of them not spending a great amount of time together. They work maybe because of that, they give each other space to follow their own careers, while still staying faithful to each other.

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