Did Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Hook Up?

Now this is just getting comical…. My lurking spies spotted Ed Sheeran coming out of his tour mate and “best friend” Taylor Swift’s hotel room at 4am the night before the Brit Awards. The source said the two had been alone in there all night and he walked out looking “very happy” and “pleased with himself.”

Considering these two will be on tour together until September, that leaves enough time for her to find her love story, know he is trouble, realize she should’ve said no, decide they are never ever getting back together, see some teardrops on her guitar, realize he belongs to her, and then finally break up again just in time for her to write a new song.

Ed, save yourself! Keep your eyes open, and I promise you’ll be safe and sound. XOXO

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift




  1. ggada Said:

    well i think they r just friends,or at last i hope so…

  2. jgossip Said:

    i would not surprise.. another boyfriend more, and now that we know that harry was commercial, ed won’t be a surprise for me. Just hate her.

  3. Samyxx Said:

    Well if they are dating and really are going to break up, I think it’s time for Taylor to have a song written about HER by Ed. Lol payback!

  4. Nina Said:

    Taylor should seriously just stop dating for like atleast a month or 2.And don’t these guys realise what they’re getting themselves into?
    I love Taylor’s songs and stuff but shes just gotta stop.

  5. Julia Said:

    I am a huge fan of both of them. But i think they would make such a bad couple, they should just stay friends. But I dont believe that this is true

  6. Georgi M Said:

    I honestly don’t know what to think. I mean i hope they didn’t hook up because that would be a bad decision on Ed’s part. For anything, he should be SCARED to be on tour with her after what this crazy girl had done to “get back” at her ex’s. Poor Ed should be watching his back.

  7. Amilee Said:

    He looks nothing like I ever would have imagined him to.

  8. Josie Said:

    They were probably just having a long chat, they are best friends after all, and they definitely do not go together as a couple

  9. Roxy Said:

    Oh no. Please. Taylor and that ginger? that’s just disappointing. The hobo and the heart-broken girl, here we go.

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