Did James Franco and Lana Del Rey Get Married?!

Wait, what???

James Franco posted an Instagram pic of him and Lana Del Rey¬†with the gasp-inducing caption, “Oh snap, we got married,” causing all Upper East Siders to roar with confusion. But it turns out J was just trying to get a rise out of us, adding “JUST KIDDING!!!”

James Franco and Lana Del Rey


Lana’s expression pretty much sums up how everyone reacted to the joke…

Turns out this was just an attempt to squash those dating rumors, but it looks like the only thing it did was fuel them. My sources are saying James and Lana have been hanging out a lot since June, when LDR split from her boyfriend.

Since then, the “Summertime Sadness” singer was spotted visiting Leighton Meester‘s Of Mice and Men co-star backstage after a show. And he’s been posting other little photographic hints that she’s more than just his “new friend.”

So, no surprise wedding to report on this time, but I wouldn’t rule it out just yet. After all, everyone’s got to stay relevant somehow. XOXO


  1. Kellie Said:

    He is such a disgusting pig.

  2. Katie Said:

    I thought he was gay?

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