Did Jennifer Lawrence Lie to Us?

During a recent interview with Seth Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence spilled about her most embarrassing moment–that time Miley Cyrus, the queen of embarrassing, told her to pull herself together after she got too drunk at Madonnas Oscars after-party and puked on a porch.

But was Jen lying to us just to get a sympathy laugh? Miley tweeted in response to a fan’s post about the incident, “That never happened.” Yes, darlings, there’s always two sides to every story, although in cases like this someone is not telling the truth…and you know how much I despise liars.

jennifer lawrence miley cyrus


But perhaps the smoke fog lifted in Miley’s head and she finally remembered what went down because the “We Can’t Stop” singer deleted the tweet a little while later.

So, who is telling the truth and who is not? That is the question, dolls… Why would J.Law make up such a sad tale? Or why would MC deny her part in a story where she wasn’t the embarrassing one? Who do you believe? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Courtney Said:

    I think it was misinterpreted…Jennifer didn’t say Miley “said” pull it together. She said that Miley looked over at her and was “like” “pull it together”…meaning her facial reaction to the situation.

  2. Barbara Said:

    I thought it was obvious that it was just a joke. Geesh, people.

  3. A Said:

    courtney i think your wrong, that whole interview jlaw was saying “like” when she was describing what her friend and her was saying earlier she was saying “like”. half the shit jlaw says i think is bs

  4. Paul Said:

    J. Law was trying to say she was more a mess than miss miley cyrus. Since she’s known for being out of control, j law used her as an example (not literal) to showing exactly how much a mess she was that night.

  5. Paige Said:

    Or perhaps she was saying I was that fucked up and drunk that Miley was there like get it together. A joke. Sayingthat she was that drunk that Miley cyrus of all people would say get it together. Seriously who cares they all have too much money and time on there hands

  6. Ana Said:

    She was dru k to the point that she was throwing up maybe she thought it was Miley and it was someone else or something?

  7. Ana Said:

    *drunk not dru k lol

  8. Barbara Said:

    Everybody’s like “oh that Jennifer is too hilarious, I should totally be her BFF” and then nobody gets when she’s kidding. This is all like the “I beat Meryl” speech at the Golden Globes. Don’t venerate her if you don’t have her sense of humor.

  9. M.star Said:

    JLAW was probably too drunk to notice it was a Miley Cyrus drag queen look alike. Only reasonable explanation why Miley said is wasn’t her i assume. Either way it’s not a valid excuse to dispute about kittens!

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  11. s Said:

    MC cant remember to put clothes on or stop licking a wee wee long enough to do anything i believe she doesnt remeber the party seeing as to how she had to be helped into and ot of her car that night.

  12. Nicole Said:

    Lol well maybe Jen was “too drunk” to remember exactly lol


  13. Carolyn Alice Tibbits Said:

    Almost everything Jennifer Lawrence says is a lie. She really overdoes herself.

  14. Lorie Said:

    Well my senior year of college it was the last week of school before graduating, and I went and celebrated WAY WAY WAY too much! I thought my best friend, who is Mexican and I am black, was my mother LOL! So who knows it could have been Miley and it may not have been!

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