Did Justin Bieber Hook Up With Two Playboy Bunnies?

Basically, yes. How do I know this, darlings? Well aside from spotting two buxom German Playboy Bunnies¬†climb aboard Justin Bieber’s blacked-out tour bus after a show–and stay for two hours-- it seems like something the new douchey Justin would do. Why, the Victoria’s Secret models turn him down–downgrading to Playboy chicks is really his only other option, n’est ce pas?

justin bieber beach

@justinbieber Instagram

Ugh. Justin’s taste and reputation seem to be on the downward slide in a major way. I almost expect to see him turn up on a Segue scooter in an Ed Hardy shirt.

Do you think JB needs to get back to being the good ol’ Christian lad he likes to personify? Or is our sweet little Biebs gone for good?

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  1. Whitney Said:

    I’m not loving the new Justin at all!!! Being late for events, and now playboy bunnies!! Where’s the old Justin!!

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